Our Story

Woman sewing at a Sudara partner center

How we started

Sudara Freedom Fund was originally founded in 2005 as International Princess Project — a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our mission is the same today as it was then: empower women and families in India through job creation, safe housing and education.  After a decade of carrying out this mission, though, we realized that we wanted — and needed — to do more. And, our little non-profit didn’t have the capability or scalability to meet those growing needs.

The non-profit “hybrid model”

In 2015, after a lot of research and conversations about furthering our impact, our founder started a new benefit corporation, Sudara, and we became Sudara Freedom Fund — the 501(c)3 non-profit arm of Sudara. This new “hybrid model” allows Sudara to work directly with our partners in India to create jobs for even more women and gain access to a global market. It allows us to work with our partners to provide those same women with safe housing and medical care.  And, equip even more women and their children with education and housing and micro-loans — tools needed to build and sustain a new life.

We are proud of this benefit corporation / non-profit hybrid model as it allows us to carry out our shared mission and work at a more scalable and impactful level than if we were solely operating as a 501(c)3 non-profit. And, that greater impact is why we’re here.

Hundreds of women have found freedom

It’s sometimes hard to believe that almost 15 years have passed since we first began. In that time, we’ve made multiple sewing center partnerships and, with your support, hundreds of women have found freedom through living-wage employment. Many of the women have graduated from the training programs and started their own tailoring business; others have taken technology or cosmetology courses (also offered at some of the centers) and found great jobs in those fields.

Woman Sewing Sudara Punjammies

Even more work is needed

We’ve learned that giving a woman the opportunity to gain job skills and find a long-term career is vital for creating a pathway to freedom. However, it’s not enough to end sex slavery once and for all. To do that, it’s essential that we also break the cycle of slavery for the next generation and the generations after that.

Your support of Sudara Freedom Fund is helping fund safe housing for women escaping trafficking, providing equipment for new or growing sewing centers, and supporting microloans and back-to-school programs. One of our most recent opportunities, the Sunetha Home, is supporting systemic change by directly addressing issues that lead to generational sex work.

Thank you for your continued support and being part of our story. We appreciate your partnerships to create long-term, sustainable change, and for standing with us to empower women and girls.